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Table Editing

It fundamentally offers a user editing experience similar to Excel.
Editing mode starts with Enter.


Adding Columns

Created using the shortcut Alt + Enter.

Tab Key

Allows direct entry into the next cell's editing mode using Tab.
Creates a new column in the last cell.
Use Shift + Tab to navigate to the previous cell's editing mode.


Selecting Multiple Columns

Supports four methods:

  • Shift + Arrow Up/Down
  • Ctrl + Click
  • Shift + Click
  • Alt + A: Select All


Rearranging and Moving Columns

Functions when dragging, enabling movement to other tables.


Supports moving multiple columns with Ctrl + drag.


Column Deletion

Deletes the currently selected column.
Shortcut: Alt + Backspace or Alt + Delete


Copying/Pasting Columns

Operates like a table-based clipboard.
Shortcuts: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

Can paste from the editor to Excel or vice versa.
However, for specific columns, true/false are supported as follows (case insensitive):

  • AutoIncrement: TRUE, 1, YES, Y
  • Unique: TRUE, 1, YES, Y
  • Not Null: TRUE, 1, YES, Y, NOT NULL

demo-copy-column-to-sheet demo-copy-sheet-column

Supports actions when selecting multiple tables.


Column Primary Key

Possible through the table context menu or shortcut Alt + K.